Fare Transportation is pleased to provide assisted ambulatory, wheelchair, and stretcher transportation to our seasoned seniors and those with physical limitations. We cater to ambulatory clients using walkers of all kind in addition to those requiring manual, electric wheelchair, scooters or stretchers.

Our Service

Unlike other transportation services providing curb-to-curb service, Fare Transportation provides door-through-door service.  Whether you require ambulatory assistance, wheelchair, or stretcher transportation, our highly trained staff is prepared to accommodate your needs from within your place of residence and safely escort and secure you in our vehicles.  On arrival at your destination, our trained staff will escort you to check-in.

Our Destinations

We specialize in a host of local and long-distance transportation services to include doctor and post-op appointments, hospital discharges, physical therapy, chemotherapy, dialysis, pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation, stroke and rehabilitative services, family reunions, recreational functions, shopping, weddings, funerals, and more.


Standard pick-up fees for ambulatory, wheelchair or stretcher transportation plus mileage apply for each transport. Fare Transportation accepts multiple methods of payment to include all major credit cards, check, or cash. Discounts are available for those paying at the time of transport. Only approved clients and facilities with a Fare Transportation Service Agreement will be invoiced for transportation services.

Our Staff

At Fare Transportation, our people are our greatest assets. For this reason, finding, training, and retaining the best employees is critical to accomplishing our mission. Employees are subject to rigorous screening and training which include multiple background checks, drug testing, motor vehicle reports, health physical, CPR training, and extensive internal training regarding job-specific tasks and obligations.

Our Vehicles

Our ADA-compliant vans are equipped with electric ramps, hydraulic lifts, side or rear entrance, with state of the art securing devices for your safety and comfort. Our ambulatory vehicles are safe, comfortable and compliant with federal and state mandated safety standards.


All Fare Transportation vehicles and employees are properly insured and compliant with state and federal required mandates which include auto, worker’s compensation, and general liability.